About Me

Stefano Negrini

Incredible to say but my passion for Orthodontics was born by accident.
At the age of 8 I was going home  my bike flipped over and, as a result my central left incisor broke.

During the years of orthodontic therapy at the Beretta Clinic in Bologna I fell in love with that world.

Than, at the age of 14 I decided that I wanted to be a “Dental Technician”.

I studied for 5 years at the G. Guicciardi Institute of Reggio Emilia from 1983 to 1988 graduating with the grade of 54/60.

I started my Ortodontic adventure in 1992 and I opened Ortodonzia Estense the 1st laboratory specialized in Orthodontics in Ferrara, unquenchable passion for that world and I leapt in with all my heart.

All the while I was developing a passion for the digital side of orthodontic I was intrigued  a lot by  being able to realize equipment directly in 3D and then physically realize them with CAM machines.

So, to differentiate my self from the traditional orthodontic world made composed of “resin and wire”, especially regarding identity, I decided  to radically transform my vision to 3D and look for a better WAY.

That was going through the rest of the dental world of the year 2000 a profound crisis.

Towards the end of 2006 I got into contact with a young Danish company called 3Shape , a company which “would have radically changed the way the orthodontic dental world”.

I did not realize it at the time but I found out along the way.

After 10 years of ………..I’m their Key Opinion Leader and now do courses, lessons, conferences and congresses all over the world.

My clients can be found in all parts of the world while Denise and Lorenzo, my loving family support me day in day out.  What can I say?   I’m a lucky boy.


“It is my belief that successful people make many facts and little noise”