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Hybrid Rme + tomas pin + Eyelet all in one 

Orthodontic palatal expansion appliances have been widely used with satisfactory and, most often, predictable clinical results. Recently, clinicians have successfully utilized micro-implants with palatal expander designs to work as anchors to the palate to achieve more efficient skeletal expansion and to decrease undesired dental effects.

This case illustrates a 27-year old man, with maxillary transverse and vertical discrepancy, upper and lower arches crowding, Class II, subdivision right relationship. A non-surgical and non-extraction treatment approach was feasible due to the miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion technique (REP TADS Tomas pin and eyelet).

In order to overcome dentoalveolar undesirable effects and maximize skeletal expansion potential. A nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion technique (REP TADS and eyelet), was introduced and recently demonstrated successful outcomes by providing effective midpalatal suture splinting in adult patients.

By Dr. Santiago Isaza, Dr. Andrea Nakhleh and Sdt Stefano Negrini